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To provide clients with comprehensive, professional legal services for residential real estate transactions.


The opportunity to establish my own law firm came to fruition in the year 2000 and Wright Law Offices was born. While my real estate law practice covers the entire State of Connecticut, the majority of my clients come from Fairfield and New Haven counties. 


The legal world is peppered with words such as amortization, deed, PUD, title search, equity, and contingency; all are related to real estate closings, the area of law that is my expertise and passion. 


Know that if you secure my legal services, your transaction will not be handled by a paralegal; I will personally work on your transaction. I will be intimately familiar with all the nuances of your particular situation, and I will advocate for you and your interests as you buy, sell, or refinance. 


I take great pride in representing my clients well and delight in repeat business and referrals of satisfied customers.  I look forward to working with you.  Thank you!   Charlene M. Pederson

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