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Lori F.

Charlene is excellent! She always responds back quickly, whether via text, email, or phone. Charlene is always on top of her transactions and I cannot say that for very many attorneys I have worked with. She is professional and personable. I absolutely love working with her; I know when I refer her that the client will be taken care of and they always have positive feedback of their experiences with her.


Jennifer Z.

Look no further than Wright Law Offices for the expertise needed to handle your real estate transaction. Atty Pederson is prompt and efficient and pays attention to every detail.


Claudette L.

I have been using Charlene Pederson since 2008 for my real estate closings and have not yet lost a deal. She's very professional, efficient and very good at what she does; best of all she returns phone calls in a timely manner.


Ruthann S.

Charlene is a true professional. As a realtor, it is important to me, to have my clients represented by an attorney who is completely thorough, ethical, communicative and one who is grounded with a great deal of common sense. Charlene is accessible to both the realtor, mortgage professional and client. It is always a pleasure to work with Charlene. She goes the extra mile to help bring a transaction to a fruitful close.


Vicki V.

I have found Charlene to be a most effective and knowledgeable attorney, practicing her trade with the utmost care and ethical considerations for her clients. Her ability to listen and understand the issues while providing practical and easy to follow advice in layman terms, makes her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Charlene to anyone with a legal need within her area of practice.


Joyce B.

Charlene is a smart, out-of-the box thinker who works at the speed of light. She's always willing to listen, advise and provide guidance. I've appreciated her counsel and will continue to utilize and value her abilities.



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